We have a weekly menu of fresh specials which goes up on the website each Monday. Subscribe and we'll email it to you each week with any other useful information, like holiday closures or special offers coming up.
As well as changing fresh specials, we also have a range of Dinner Ladies favourites in the fridge and freezer, plus a few staples to make daily life a bit sweeter - like great bread, bacon, butter and free range eggs.
As a general rule most of our fully cooked fresh dishes will have a best before date of 7 days from delivery. The frozen dinners will be good for 3-6 months in the freezer.
With all our food, there's an element of finishing off or assembly to be done but it's usually simple enough for even the most work-shy of
Some of our dishes are fully cooked - like pasta sauces, curries and tagines - and need only reheating on a stove top or in a microwave and serving with pasta, rice or cous cous. Others, like pies or lasagnes, are uncooked and require baking. We also prepare some dishes, like stir fries, which come as separate packets of marinated meat, sauce and vegetables, ready for you to cook at home.
When you order, check the detailed description button for each dinner for cooking instructions and serving suggestions.
We deliver your dinners packed in recyclable, export-grade foam boxes with a frozen gel ice pack. Unless we receive other instructions we'll leave the box on your doorstep.
You'll notice on your invoice a $6 charge to cover the box and ice pack. When you order again, please leave the clean box and ice pack out and we will credit your account with the $6.
If you live in a security building,
we'll need a key or access code:
Alternatively you could arrange for someone to
buzz the driver in. We'll sms you once the delivery's done.
We deliver to the East, North, South, Inner West and Hills District of Sydney. We're expanding all the time. If we don't yet deliver to your suburb, leave your email address and we'll let you know when we do. You're also welcome to pick up from our kitchen in Matraville.
ORDERS $50 to $100 $7.50
Our menu goes up on the website each Monday; the closer to Monday you order, the more delivery choices you'll be offered.