can i use your service if i dont have internet access
The weekly menu is only available on the internet and all orders are placed via this website. If someone you know doesn't have a computer or internet, then they'll need another person to order on their behalf.
is there a minimum order
There is a minimum order of $50 for deliveries, however there is no minimum order for pick ups.
can i order for the same or the following day
If you're ordering from the Stock Items menu, you're welcome to pick up from us at Unit 16, 32 Perry Street Matraville at any time. Just give us a call on 02 9666 4194 so we can be ready for you. If you're ordering from the fresh specials, we need to have your order by midnight Wednesday for a delivery the next Monday or Tuesday and by midnight Sunday for a delivery the next Wednesday or Thursday.
do you supply gift vouchers
Yes we do. Just follow the link to our gift voucher page for more details.
can you cater for food allergies / vegetarians / non pork-eaters
We use symbols to note whether dishes are gluten free or dairy free and whether they contain pork or nuts. For other allergies or intolerances, please check the full list of ingredients for each dish. If in any doubt, please call us on 02 9666 4194.

how long will my dinners last in the fridge or freezer
Most of our fresh dishes will be fine for a week in the fridge. Dinners that are already frozen or that you freeze yourself are best used within three months. All dinners have a best-before date on the label.
do you use any artificial additives, flavour enhancers or preservatives
We don't use any artificial additives, flavour enhancers or preservatives ourselves in the kitchen, however there are some ready-made ingredients we use - for example some Asian sauces - which may contain additives. If you have any concerns about a particular dish, please call us on 02 9666 4194.
where do you deliver
We deliver to most of Sydney's East, North, South and Inner West. To find your suburb and other delivery information just follow this link.
do i need to be home to take delivery
No - most of our customers aren't home when we deliver. Just make sure you let us know the best place to leave your box of dinners in the space for delivery instructions. In the absence of instructions we will leave your box on your doorstep.
can you deliver to security apartments
If you live in a security apartment you can request that we call on the delivery day with an ETA so that you can arrange for someone to buzz the driver in at that time. Otherwise you would need to provide us with an access code or key.
how much does delivery cost
Our standard delivery charges are free for food orders of $100 or more, $7.50 for orders between $50 and $99.
how does the box system work
When you order, you'll pay a $6 deposit for your foam box and gel ice pack. When you leave your box and ice pack out with the next order, the $6 will be credited back to your Dinner Ladies account.
can i leave out an esky instead
Sorry but no. Your order is packed into your foam box in our coolroom and should not be opened again until you are ready to place your dinners in your fridge or freezer.