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Tuesday 23 February 2016
These deliciously nutty burgers, with pesto flavours of basil and parmesan, are "meaty" enough to satisfy even the most hardened carnivore.
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Thursday 03 December 2015
To those who've asked for one last superfoods salad for the year we apologise. We just couldn't squeeze one more damn thing in. But here's the next best thing - the recipe! Teach a man to fish...
Wednesday 06 May 2015
We're cooking a paella this week and it's such a happy, festive dish for a crowd that it calls for a Spanish theme to run through dinner. I'm always one for the easy option, particularly when friends come over. I admire but don't quite understand those who try out their most laborious and experimental cooking on guests. Tricksy, weird stuff? That's what my family's for, on sober evenings, when I have my wits about me, not socially stressed and a couple of finos worse for wear. So if I was thinking a dinner with a paella as the main event, I'd keep the bits beforehand very simple: some slices of jamon, a bowl of warmed olives, maybe a few roasted almonds and always some crudites dipped in romesco, that wonderfully versatile and piquant Spanish sauce.
Thursday 05 February 2015
For such an innocent, well-intentioned object, the terrine is subject to a surprising amount of fear and suspicion. I think that people’s pre-conceptions of terrines are that they are: a) Fatty b) Set in spooky aspic and c) Fiddly to the point of ponciness to make.