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Thursday 02 June 2016
Any soup based on a proper chicken stock, made with free-range bones (feet included!) and vegies, is wonderfully homey and nourishing, whether it's a Jewish chicken noodle soup, Vietnamese pho, Greek avgolemono or this Chinese chicken and sweet corn soup. We have fond memories of this soup from childhood (oh, the Golden Fish restaurant in Rose Bay! How did they carve those carrot phoenixes?), where it would precede a 70s banquet of honey king prawns, beef and black bean and sweet and sour pork
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Thursday 05 February 2015
For such an innocent, well-intentioned object, the terrine is subject to a surprising amount of fear and suspicion. I think that people’s pre-conceptions of terrines are that they are: a) Fatty b) Set in spooky aspic and c) Fiddly to the point of ponciness to make.